Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Wrap Up Poem

Till now there has not been a chance
to tell you all the song and dance
of life in Holbrook as a teacher man
nor even of a proud Cardinals fan
but in this season of love and joy
the present of time was given to a boy
another chance and another way
an opportunity to blog this day
so I submit this wrap up poem
for those who simply come here to roam

Amy and I are doing great
even though being sick seems to be our fate
I mostly blame the kids in math
who are paying me back for all of my wrath
But I am off and soon must do
the honey do list, where there are never too few
Amy has one more week of work
so during this time I cannot shirk
For the Speedie parents are coming here
to share with us there Christmas cheer

I'm excited for my Cards, the playoffs they're in
They were always my team, loss and win
for many years I have watched them falter
a couple good years that slow and halter
not since my mission, when the Cowboys they beat
have they made the playoffs or shown us much heat
but this year they give us a hope all brand new
My nails will be shorter, for when I'm nervous I chew

The cats are crazy and driving me wild
I feel like I'm dealing with an ignorant child
Abby loves to play in the Christmas tree
but only when it is dark, so I can not see
her scurry away as I get up my bed
to lay a light blow on top of her head
Arial also has energy to boot
my sleep to them has become quite moot
when I cover with blankets the top of my head
Arial jumps up to see what monster is in bed
So she'll prance and she'll dance
when given the chance
and through blankets she'll claw
till my face becomes raw
If they weren't so darn cute
they would both get the boot

So there is my wrap up, I hope you have time
to read and catch up, or cherish sublime
the words that I've typed for family and friends
to see how our life changes and bends
Enjoy the season, the cheer and the rest
and remember you're all the best of the best

Happy Holidays