Friday, November 7, 2008

Bachelor for the Night

Many times I think about what it woudl be like to revert back to my days as a bachelor. Lonely, depressed, and eating cheese off of my chest....what would I do with all that time. Tonight, I get to find out what that would be like. Amy and her friend Linda are going to Flagstaff to watch, GAG, High School Musical Three. Naturally I had something to do, so I couldn't join this, DOUBLE GAG, excursion. Cleaning my shoe laces is extremely important.

So tonight, I get to be a bachelor. I think I'll spend it in the classroom, lonely and miserable, thinking up ways to excite the kids into doing their homework. I'll then come home, eat taco bell....more than likely, and play Halo until my brain explodes. This is what my life was like before Amy, and I so appreciate her spicing up my life and giving me a wonderful reason to keep plugging along.

So, in short, tonight I am a bachelor and I'm hoping to make it through until Amy comes home and my smile comes back. Until then boredom reigns...wish me luck!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Chess State!!!

For the third year in a row, a Holbrook chess player will be competing in the state tournament. Jacob, my first board, won 4 of his 5 games in the Region Championship. He earned a 4th place spot in the region and qualified for state. I can't give you any more information on him, but if you know who Jacob is, please congratulate him!!!

Fishing with Becker

A couple years ago my Canadian dad gave me an awesome fly-fishing rod. I was really excited, as I love fishing and have always wanted to go. Unfortunately, it has been in the storage room, mainly because I haven't had a chance to go out and fish. This is Arizona, and while we do fish, we have to drive a ways to get to a spot worth going to. That is, until now.

Kat, a Canadian friend here in Holbrook, let drop that her husband, Dan, went fly-fishing. I have never been out before and had no idea how to cast, tie knots, or do much of anything that is fly-fishing. Kat told Dan, and he talked to me the next day about going fly-fishing.

I trained for about an hour on the cast, and we went to a "secret" spot close to Holbrook. The fishing was tremendous! The fish we pulled out of there were huge and plentiful, hitting on every kind of eggs, spinners, whatever you put in the water. I had a blast.

Holbrook had a water outage....yes, you read right, and cancelled school for a day. We went fishing again on the surprise day off and the fishing was once again great. In fact, you can youtube it! Maybe I'll even get it here on my blog.

It was unfortunate, on this trip, that my pole, which has seen many fish, including three large ones on my own, caught its last hog. The upper part of the pole split into three pieces and my fly-fishing is done, for now. I can't wait to splurge on another pole and go again.

A special thanks to my Canadian dad! You rock!!! I used the pole twice and will always remember it. In fact, Amy and I are probably going to hang it up in the office...thank you for your gift of the pole and, more importantly, the experience and chance to learn a new, relaxing hobby.

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