Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tim Gunn, Eat Your Heart Out!!!

In the wonderful fashion of Project Runway, I have had my students create their own designs and fit them to their bodies. The assignment was clear. They were to use tissue paper, construction paper, tape, glue, and other classroom materials to replicate a specific Native American style. The tribes were seperated and they went forth and conquered. I could get away with this because the lesson was later used to show them the how the differences in region affect lifestyles. The students had an awesome time, and I got to say, "Make it work!", so I'm happy. Please to enjoy!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


So, Abby is becoming very territorial. She has been obsessed with the cricket lately, one of Amy's scrapping machines. Everytime I come in the house she is laying right there, cuddling with this hunk of fact I just got up to feed them, right now, and she is laying there with the cricket. It is very disneyish in thought. The cat and the cricket....anywho....I just thought this was weird.

But that isn't it! When we get home, she'll tear herself away from the cricket and lay on the rug by the door. She hasn't done this for a year, and now she can't stop. It is kind of wigging me out...but thus is the life of a crazy cat.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Canning the Green

So for the first time in two or three years, Amy and I were able to get hold of a bag of green chile. For those of you who know me well, you know I have many loves of food. One of those is this wonderfully flavorful plant that provides heat and taste. It makes everything better and goes great with rootbeer. Yes, I was excited to get a hold of this bag...

Then we started canning the green to come. For now just know that I began prepping the chile on Thursday evening, finishing around 9:00. Tonight Amy, the parents, and I have been at it for 6 hours. I've started falling asleep, so I began to blog instead. Dad is falling asleep on the couch across from me...trying to make it look like he is still watching "Return of the King".

.....We finally finished at 2:30 in the morning. Jeeze! I didn't realize that it would take that long, but it was fun spending time with Amy and the parents. All together we got almost 90 cans of chile, ranging from mild to hot in flavor. It was quite the process, and for more on that I would read Amy's blog. She really put in the details.

Just a little bit of the aftermath for you to ponder. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Only 176 Days Left!!!

The first week is over! The students have survived one of the hardest times of the year as I have had to set the precedent in class. There has been blood, tears, sweat, and fear as students try to see how far they can push me, and they haven't been too happy with the results. This year I was determined to be quick to correct any misbehavior, and so far it has been the best start to any of my years. Of course, it also allows me to loosen up and have fun when I know that I can fall back on Eldon the Barbarian.

I'll keep you posted on all of the funny stories. I have been staying late at the school and haven't posted for a while, so I'm really going to try to make sure you hear more.

(Activity of the Week) Archeology! I dug out a large rectangle, buried different types of candy, and covered it up. I then sectioned it off and the kids dug and plotted the spot where they found the candy. We returned to the classroom, compared information, and then the students had to describe/draw the layout of the "House" that we dug up. Each type of candy represented soemthing that you would find in the house, giving them the clues as to where each room might be. Great success!!!