Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Where is Tim???

Alright, I take back everything I have ever said about a principal's weak decisions with detentions.

Tim, our principal, went out with surgery about a week ago. I've been taking over the discipline, and I have to say, it is horrible! On day one, I had a kid written up for problems with a sub and 6 other kids for throwing rocks at each other. Total detention time, 23 days. The next day I had to talk to two of the rock throwers about their attitude in class. I told them I didn't want to see their face in my room again...didn't work. The next day, one of these boys was once again in my room....Oh yeah, and then there was the boy who bonked a girl on the head and got 5 days and 1/2 day ISS. The boy who was cussing on the bus...two days....the girl who slapped a boy across the face.....four days...and the tetherball incident that resulted in three more detentions. Thus far, I've given out all these detentions and I have been "principal" for five days.

So....this has taken up all of my time, preps, and energy. I can't wait for Tim to get back.

May your week be less busy!

(PS...We took 2nd again in our tournament, which makes it two in a row. The greatest part was that we only lost to Blue Ridge by one game, a great accomplishment!)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Yahoo....I Love Chess!

The Holbrook Chess Team took 2nd place in Tuba City last weekend. We took home a large trophy, which is always fun as it shows the school that we are a valuable part of their community. A lot of times, we feel like the red-headed step child...left out and unimportant, so any time we can do something well, we celebrate it.

My second board did a great job on our varsity team. He took fourth place in the region, winning 4 out of 5 games. On JV we took 1st and 3rd place, showing that we have some great talent coming up the ranks. I look forward to our next tournament in two weeks. It will be a team tournament, where we will be playing shorter games and every team. I'm going to put my second board up on first board, allowing him the chance to really gain that experience. This will also help as my first board will have a better shot down on second board...confused yet?

To summarize, we took 2nd! Yeah Chess!!!

Scare the Boy!

Last week I had the pleasure of getting rid of one of my student's hiccups. This is a student who continuously interrupts class, so when he repeatedly shouted out that he had the hiccups, I told him to hold his breath, and if that didn't work we would try something else. So, I kept class going, and waited for the perfect opportunity. I set the entire class to doing a problem and as soon as this boy had turned and put his head down to work, I attacked!

Getting close to someone in a quiet environment and screaming a bloodcurling yelp is quite effective in getting rid of someone's hiccups. This boy, and most of the class, jumped...but not just a startled jump. This boy began his own terrified scream as he began running away, backwards, in his chair. It was hilarious!

So...thoughful, unselfish, caring I was able to help a young man get rid of his hiccups. I love my job!

The Problem with Blogging

I think I figured it out. The problem with blogging is that I feel like I need a picture with everything I blog. Of course, there is also the fact that I just don't feel very interesting sometimes, but hey...maybe I'm underestimating myself. Anywho...Thank you for coming and reading the blog. I hope that I can post a little bit more for you to enjoy.