Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Nectar of the Gods

It is a well known fact that after the apple, Adam and Eve had to leave the garden and work by the sweat of their brow. What is not as well known is that God still loved them and sent them help in the form of The Nectar of the Gods.

This little known fact has been hidden from us and the name changed throughout the years. In fact, it wasn't until the Greeks got a hold of the recipe that the drink became known as A&W Rootbeer. It makes perfect sense, doesn't it. The "A" stands for Ambrosia, the Olympians favored vegetation. The "W" stands for water, the most common of all drinks. Put the two together and you have water infused with Ambrosia, which we all know is the drink of the gods.

Of course, there have been false priests that have come across and tried to sway the people away from this drink. Other rootbeers were formed, but none quite compared to the holiest of nectars, A&W. So yes, I will blog for rootbeer. Who am I to mess with the Nectar of the Gods.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Aerosmith, Nirvana, ZZ Top...all had their time! Now reigns the House of Ferguson. On Monday Amy and I got Rock Band for the Wii. Singing, drumming, guitars...what a blast. Amy has been rocking the drums and, much to the distraction of my former Swing Thing Members, I have been loving the microphone. We can't wait to get the second guitar and thus began a musical extravaganza with friends and family.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Waiting to Rock

Here I sit
waiting for a man
he's gotta be coming
with my new rock band

I don't dare to leave
in case I miss him
and minute by minute
my patience grows slim

so I made up this blog
in order to help time pass
on my comfortable couch
where I have a print of my ...rear!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

"Bear"lls of Fun!

The following scenes were captured at risk of life and limb. Your humble elfman skillfully scaled a outcropping of rock overlooking the Polar Bear exhibit at the Albuquerque zoo in order to bring you these wonderful images. This demanding form of dedication has only been seen, dare I say, on one other project...Planet Earth. Please to enjoy!

Subject 1..."The Watcher" is up top. This Bear was cool, but not as awesome as subject 2..."Beary Showoff", who's head you can see underneath the barrel. Why is it underneath the barrell....beacause Bear 2 THREW IT...yeah..way cool!

After tossing his toy, "Beary Showoff" would dive into the water below,where the barrell had landed, and begin the process of dragging it back up his rocky stage.

During one stage of the lift, seen here, "The Watcher" bear decided to get involved and was reprimanded for this rash decision.

Luckily no bears were harmed in the shooting of this film.

*Disclaimer* These photos were actually taken by Angela Speedie, my sister-in-law. She stole my photos which depicted "Beary Showoff" Holding the barrell above his/her head and many other amazing shots. I know, it is going to be hard to forgive her for this tragic mistake...but if we are beary dedicated in the effort I'm sure we can find a way to let her back into our hearts. (LOVE YOU ANGELA)

My wonderful wife, Amy, found the pictures when she woke up. I would like to publicly apologize to Angela. Technically I could have just erased the above entry...but it was so much work to type!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


For completely selfish purposes, I'm glad Amy is sick today. In fact I would go as far as to say that it is B-E-A-UTIFUL. During the year we don't get a lot of chances to spend a day together as work takes us away from each other. Today though was our day. We woke up slowly, Amy sleeping on the couch while I spent some time on the computer. Breakfast was chill, we watched t.v., did some laundry, and spent a little alone time playing games and scrapbooking. Then we came back together and I have been able to spend the last five hours with my B-E-A-UTIFUL wife. She truly is the diamond in an otherwise rough world. I don't know what I would do without her...sick or not.