Monday, June 23, 2008

Waiting to Rock

Here I sit
waiting for a man
he's gotta be coming
with my new rock band

I don't dare to leave
in case I miss him
and minute by minute
my patience grows slim

so I made up this blog
in order to help time pass
on my comfortable couch
where I have a print of my ...rear!


Kimmy said...

Blogger hates me.
I tried to comment... it ate it.
Bad blogger.
*spanks JOSH*

PS: I love your blog title, it's so YOU. :)

Kay said...

Funny poem. I look forward to more humor from your blog! ☺

Kay said...

By the way, Dallan has a blog, there's a link to it on my page under family, the title is "The Adventures of Lulu and Bedelia". Check it out, it's really his wifes, but she talks about him on there too. Just FYI...