Friday, January 30, 2009


So, yesterday I blogged about how much of a devil cat Abby could I retract my blog.

Amy went to El Rancho with some friends, which gave me some alone time. Now, when I have alone time, it means that I am doing one of two things. I am playing video games or I am watching my guy movies. You know, blood, guts, gore...all that fun stuff. Well, Amy went to El Rancho and I came home and turned on the Tank game. If you read yesterday's blog, you will know that I blamed my ultimate defeat and death on the cat. However...I found a picture of someone playing online, and I watched their video. It was pretty impressive. I took some of the techniques I saw and applied them today.

The end result was getting to level 94...only 6 levels away from the ultimate prize of whooping the game. I had a personal best of about 475 tanks destroyed and I owe it all to the cat. If she had left me alone yesterday, I don't think I could have done what I did today.

Total time of playing....1:25 minutes on just one game. Talk about an endeavor.

(P.S. Thanks to all of you who come in and read my ramblings.)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Like a hawk, Abby watches, waiting for a chance to attack. Today I was playing one of my favorite games, Wii Play tank game. I had just passed level 55....about 257 tanks killed. I gained one more tank for beating 55 and was beginning to get my groove on, when Abby ran her fat head into my hand. The controller moved, my target moved, and I died!

Frustrated, I shut the game down and came here to blog. That darn cat!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I texted Amy, who is in a meeting, first. I let her know that I was glad she made the decisino to buy the football platter, just in case we watched the superbowl. Then I called my dad who was celebrating out at the power plant with his workbuds. He is off on Superbowl Sunday, so there will be a get together. After my wife, then my dad, I came here to tell you!

The Cardinals are going to the Super Bowl. I have been a Cardinals fan for more than 17 years. Some of my fondest memories were sitting down with my dad, watching football. These Sunday afternoons were huge jumping points in our relationship as we talked, yelled, laughed, and yelled some more at the television.

For those 17 years I have watched disheartened as the Cardinals have given us a glimmer of hope, but lost it as the season went on. I remember the first time they made the playoffs, since I have been a fan, back in 1998. It was during this year that I graduated and went on my mission. One of the greatest moments of my life was watching the Cardinals beat the Cowboys in the first round of the play offs. As any true Cardinals fan knows, the Cowboys are of the devil. In the MTC I got the news that the Minnesota Vikings bumped the Cardinals out of the race in the second round.

On my mission, my dad kept me informed on the progress of the Cards. I loved getting these letters, most of them starting with, "Well, the Cardinals dropped another game." It was painful, but we hung in there.

Now, the Cardinals are in the Super Bowl and I am happier than a kid in a candy store with a million bucks. In fact, I'm so happy that I'm not even mad at those fans who just joined the team this year. So, to end, Go Cards! Kick some butt in the Super Bowl. Thank you for all the great years and for many more to come!!!