Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Wrap Up Poem

Till now there has not been a chance
to tell you all the song and dance
of life in Holbrook as a teacher man
nor even of a proud Cardinals fan
but in this season of love and joy
the present of time was given to a boy
another chance and another way
an opportunity to blog this day
so I submit this wrap up poem
for those who simply come here to roam

Amy and I are doing great
even though being sick seems to be our fate
I mostly blame the kids in math
who are paying me back for all of my wrath
But I am off and soon must do
the honey do list, where there are never too few
Amy has one more week of work
so during this time I cannot shirk
For the Speedie parents are coming here
to share with us there Christmas cheer

I'm excited for my Cards, the playoffs they're in
They were always my team, loss and win
for many years I have watched them falter
a couple good years that slow and halter
not since my mission, when the Cowboys they beat
have they made the playoffs or shown us much heat
but this year they give us a hope all brand new
My nails will be shorter, for when I'm nervous I chew

The cats are crazy and driving me wild
I feel like I'm dealing with an ignorant child
Abby loves to play in the Christmas tree
but only when it is dark, so I can not see
her scurry away as I get up my bed
to lay a light blow on top of her head
Arial also has energy to boot
my sleep to them has become quite moot
when I cover with blankets the top of my head
Arial jumps up to see what monster is in bed
So she'll prance and she'll dance
when given the chance
and through blankets she'll claw
till my face becomes raw
If they weren't so darn cute
they would both get the boot

So there is my wrap up, I hope you have time
to read and catch up, or cherish sublime
the words that I've typed for family and friends
to see how our life changes and bends
Enjoy the season, the cheer and the rest
and remember you're all the best of the best

Happy Holidays

Friday, November 7, 2008

Bachelor for the Night

Many times I think about what it woudl be like to revert back to my days as a bachelor. Lonely, depressed, and eating cheese off of my chest....what would I do with all that time. Tonight, I get to find out what that would be like. Amy and her friend Linda are going to Flagstaff to watch, GAG, High School Musical Three. Naturally I had something to do, so I couldn't join this, DOUBLE GAG, excursion. Cleaning my shoe laces is extremely important.

So tonight, I get to be a bachelor. I think I'll spend it in the classroom, lonely and miserable, thinking up ways to excite the kids into doing their homework. I'll then come home, eat taco bell....more than likely, and play Halo until my brain explodes. This is what my life was like before Amy, and I so appreciate her spicing up my life and giving me a wonderful reason to keep plugging along.

So, in short, tonight I am a bachelor and I'm hoping to make it through until Amy comes home and my smile comes back. Until then boredom reigns...wish me luck!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Chess State!!!

For the third year in a row, a Holbrook chess player will be competing in the state tournament. Jacob, my first board, won 4 of his 5 games in the Region Championship. He earned a 4th place spot in the region and qualified for state. I can't give you any more information on him, but if you know who Jacob is, please congratulate him!!!

Fishing with Becker

A couple years ago my Canadian dad gave me an awesome fly-fishing rod. I was really excited, as I love fishing and have always wanted to go. Unfortunately, it has been in the storage room, mainly because I haven't had a chance to go out and fish. This is Arizona, and while we do fish, we have to drive a ways to get to a spot worth going to. That is, until now.

Kat, a Canadian friend here in Holbrook, let drop that her husband, Dan, went fly-fishing. I have never been out before and had no idea how to cast, tie knots, or do much of anything that is fly-fishing. Kat told Dan, and he talked to me the next day about going fly-fishing.

I trained for about an hour on the cast, and we went to a "secret" spot close to Holbrook. The fishing was tremendous! The fish we pulled out of there were huge and plentiful, hitting on every kind of eggs, spinners, whatever you put in the water. I had a blast.

Holbrook had a water outage....yes, you read right, and cancelled school for a day. We went fishing again on the surprise day off and the fishing was once again great. In fact, you can youtube it! Maybe I'll even get it here on my blog.

It was unfortunate, on this trip, that my pole, which has seen many fish, including three large ones on my own, caught its last hog. The upper part of the pole split into three pieces and my fly-fishing is done, for now. I can't wait to splurge on another pole and go again.

A special thanks to my Canadian dad! You rock!!! I used the pole twice and will always remember it. In fact, Amy and I are probably going to hang it up in the office...thank you for your gift of the pole and, more importantly, the experience and chance to learn a new, relaxing hobby.

See more by searching for Fly Fishing Northern Arizona 2 on!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Total War

I hereby declare war on all neighboring teams coming to town tonight. Holbrook is going to rip them, tear them, stick them, pin them, and checkmate them into oblivion. In order to do this we will do anything necessary, including the tactic shown by our own personal grandmaster below. Please to enjoy!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Just a Quick Recap

So for those of you who actually take time to come to my page, an average of 32 seconds, I thought I would give you a quick recap of the last couple weeks. Please to enjoy!

I am a huge Cardinals fan, meaning that over the past 15 years I have been a sadistic freak who loves inflicting pain on himself. This year, they started out with two wins and no losses. I was on a high. The last two weeks however, the Cards have fallen back into form and lost on turnovers. 3 interceptions, 5 fumbles...a team has a hard time coming back from that. So, my euphoria is being slowly extinguished, but I'll stick with my team. Get the Bills next week...Go Cards!

The chess team participated in the Ash Fork tournament two weeks ago. We went in as 6th and finished as 5th. It was a decent tournament as we played a jv player on board 4 and had to move up two others spots. We also forfeited a board automatically as we only had four players attend.

I'm excited! I think the team can do really well this year. I also beat Jack Burden once and drew him twice. This is my hero on the chess board and I feel like I'm getting close to scraping out a game every once in a while.

Of course, I am still teaching! I feel like I'm getting close to losing it as more and more piles onto my list to do. I start a class today where I get to teach people how to use a Smart Board. It will be fun, but it cuts into the time that I already feel is gone.

For all of those who are stressed, excited, and happy...keep going. We'll make it!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Clowns Have Nothing on Carnies!

As you may have read, in Amy's blog, we attended the Navajo County fair on Friday and Saturday. Ah the fair...filled with wonderful food, amazing rides that go "whoosh", and....oh yeah, SCARY CARNIE FOLK!!! It doesn't matter where you turn, there one is. Tattooed, pierced, glaring, daring to cheat you out of your money, and willing to cut you for a nickle...yes Carnie people are scary.

I have nothing against tatts and piercings, unless you are a Carnie person. Seriously, go watch them sometime. They don't look at you like a customer, they look at you like prey. Their eyes grow wild as you approach with excitement. Their mouth turns up at the corner, knowing that a sucker is born every minute. All they have to do is tear you away from the friends, and then the persuasion begins. They call your "name" out, "Heyya Beautiful, win a prize...everyone's a winner". "Look at those arms! Come on over Stud and show your lovely wife how strong you are". "Four Eyes are good for something! Get your tooshie over here nerd and show us how well you can shoot." Once they have you, its over!

You know what else hunts like that....Hyenas!!! Laughing, tricky hyenas who can actually make "human" noises to draw away their wonderful. Carnies are comparable to flesh eating Hyenas....makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

This year they found a new way to make me miserable! I blame getting sick on the nachos. I was loving the rodeo! Sitting with Amy, watching hot, sweaty cowb......mustangs buck off their riders and then watching the riders run for their lives. It was awesome. Then the nachos hit and I couldn't get home fast enough! The rest of the story shouldn't be published on a I'll leave it there.

In short, I had fun at the fair with Amy. We walked, we talked, we laughed.....we ignored the scary, nacho poisoning, hyena Carnies that could whoop clowns in a scare contest, and we will do it again next year because it is just that much fun spending two nights out with my amada!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Awesome Weekend!!!

I just had a great weekend...of course that was three days ago. The Chess Team, which I have coached for the past four years, went to Tuba City for our first tournament. In a year that I thought I would barely be able to field a team, I had 9 newbies show up for practice. In this game I was able to take 6 people. Four of my returning team from last year and two newbies. In a field of 6 Varsity teams, we took 3rd. We lost four more games than second place and only lost to the two top ranked teams in the region. Much better than I expected. Our first board, Jacob, took 5th place overall! He only lost to the top ranked player in the region, who incidently took first in this tournament. Not a bad outing. One of my newbies took 5th in JV. He only lost to the players who took first and second in the tournament and earned a varsity spot in the next tournament. Another part of the weekend that rocked came in Fantasy Football. I know, chess and football don't really mix, but I'm that sporty nerd that loves both. Amy and I are both playing this year and we both did really well in the first game. I beat my opponent by 10 points for a record of 1-0-0. Amy lost by 4 points, for a record of 0-1-0. I feel bad because I gave her bad advice that would have allowed her to win. One of the team's websites had bad information on it and they played the second string running back. :( Overall....great weekend. The chess team has a good chance of making state for the third year in a row. Jacob and maybe Riley have an awesome chance of going to state individuals. It should be an exciting year.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tim Gunn, Eat Your Heart Out!!!

In the wonderful fashion of Project Runway, I have had my students create their own designs and fit them to their bodies. The assignment was clear. They were to use tissue paper, construction paper, tape, glue, and other classroom materials to replicate a specific Native American style. The tribes were seperated and they went forth and conquered. I could get away with this because the lesson was later used to show them the how the differences in region affect lifestyles. The students had an awesome time, and I got to say, "Make it work!", so I'm happy. Please to enjoy!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


So, Abby is becoming very territorial. She has been obsessed with the cricket lately, one of Amy's scrapping machines. Everytime I come in the house she is laying right there, cuddling with this hunk of fact I just got up to feed them, right now, and she is laying there with the cricket. It is very disneyish in thought. The cat and the cricket....anywho....I just thought this was weird.

But that isn't it! When we get home, she'll tear herself away from the cricket and lay on the rug by the door. She hasn't done this for a year, and now she can't stop. It is kind of wigging me out...but thus is the life of a crazy cat.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Canning the Green

So for the first time in two or three years, Amy and I were able to get hold of a bag of green chile. For those of you who know me well, you know I have many loves of food. One of those is this wonderfully flavorful plant that provides heat and taste. It makes everything better and goes great with rootbeer. Yes, I was excited to get a hold of this bag...

Then we started canning the green to come. For now just know that I began prepping the chile on Thursday evening, finishing around 9:00. Tonight Amy, the parents, and I have been at it for 6 hours. I've started falling asleep, so I began to blog instead. Dad is falling asleep on the couch across from me...trying to make it look like he is still watching "Return of the King".

.....We finally finished at 2:30 in the morning. Jeeze! I didn't realize that it would take that long, but it was fun spending time with Amy and the parents. All together we got almost 90 cans of chile, ranging from mild to hot in flavor. It was quite the process, and for more on that I would read Amy's blog. She really put in the details.

Just a little bit of the aftermath for you to ponder. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Only 176 Days Left!!!

The first week is over! The students have survived one of the hardest times of the year as I have had to set the precedent in class. There has been blood, tears, sweat, and fear as students try to see how far they can push me, and they haven't been too happy with the results. This year I was determined to be quick to correct any misbehavior, and so far it has been the best start to any of my years. Of course, it also allows me to loosen up and have fun when I know that I can fall back on Eldon the Barbarian.

I'll keep you posted on all of the funny stories. I have been staying late at the school and haven't posted for a while, so I'm really going to try to make sure you hear more.

(Activity of the Week) Archeology! I dug out a large rectangle, buried different types of candy, and covered it up. I then sectioned it off and the kids dug and plotted the spot where they found the candy. We returned to the classroom, compared information, and then the students had to describe/draw the layout of the "House" that we dug up. Each type of candy represented soemthing that you would find in the house, giving them the clues as to where each room might be. Great success!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Why a Spoon Cousin?"

Nough said for all those who have watched Prince of Thieves.

We got to attend my niece's birthday party. One of my favorite parts is getting to climb the pinata tree. Monkey by nature, I guess.

Another favorite part of these parties is spending time with good friends. This would be Kim and I. We went to school together, danced together in Swing Thing, and now teach together. She is as loyal a friend as they come.

We have a lot of cute pictures of the nieces and nephews. I don't dare post them without permission, but let me know if you would like emailed copies.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Weeds go Squish

Yesterday I had the "opportunity" to get the dead weeds out of my yard. There was a sick process to this that was both painful and satisfying.

Fill the truck with a bunch of weeds. In the process, make sure to poke yourself as many times as possible. Wear gloves...they don't keep you from getting jabbed, but at least you don't get it under the fingernails....most of the time.

Climb the mountain of weeds, making sure to poke yourself as many times as possible. Jump, smash, and squish the weeds as much as possible so that you can complete the next step. Wear jeans. They don't help one bit...but at least you look like you know what you are doing.

Load the truck again, making sure to poke yourself as many times as possible. Don't worry, after the second climb your arms go numb and you won't be able to feel all of the barbs.

Scale the Arizona's version of Everest and squish the weeds, making sure to poke yourself as many times as possible. Repeat the process until you either pass out or can't squish the weeds down anymore. For my truck, this was four times.

Good luck and have fun!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Brother and Notables

I know this picture is a little crazy, but so is my brother. I got into more misadvventures with him than Chewy did with Han Solo. I often joke about how my childhood was spent trying to keep my brother out of trouble...trying to keep him alive. I had to protect him from the napalm he made himself, numerous hunting trips, crazy driving, and a lot of other incidents that I don't think I should mention. The truth of it though is that most of my childhood memories revolve around him. Rather than keeping him safe, he kept me going. He gave me a life full of excitement and friendship. He is a true friend, loyal to the utmost. (And let's face it...he put up with a lot of my craziness and survived.) My brother is the best friend a guy could have.

This is a shout out to all of the other fruitcakes who joined the family. Let's face all have to be pretty crazy to deal with the Fergies. Older Sister's Husband has been a friend for years. I wouldn't give him up for a million cases of rootbeer. Their tiny one is cuter than a button and loves bowling with me. Brother's wife is a sweetheart. She always looks so happy to see me, even when she is exhausted and would rather be asleep. I really enjoyed spending time with her on Wednesday and look forward to seeing them again on Saturday. Younger Sister's husband is one of the most helpful people I know. If he isn't sleeping, he'll help you out with any car problem you have. Their three little ones are awesome and have such distinct personalities. I love all of you guys! Thanks for being a part of our madness.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Sister Older and Sister Younger have two the picture depicts.

Sister Older has always been my guardian angel....the white witch. In school, church, play, work, everywhere I went, she took it upon herself to take after me. We have had a lot of great times. BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT....She has an evil side as well. My so caleed guardian angel was also my arch nemesis. We got in many a wrestling matches that resulted in holes and dents in the wall. The teasing went back and forth then, and still does today. I love Sister Older. She has kept me on my toes and caught me when I've fallen.

Sister Younger is one of the sweetest people in the world. Always loving and worrying about how I am doing. She has a unique ability to know that something is wrong before I start talking. Now some of that may be because I mope around like a little puppy, but I still think it is a pretty neat trick.....BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.... Sister Younger is the only person that I have seen go from good witch to bad witch in a matter of seconds. There would be many a time that the black witch would attack, screaming at the top of her lungs, only to turn into the white witch when she answered the phone. I love Sister Younger. She is a pleasant, sometimes scary, little bundle of joy.

My sisters mean a lot to me. I have always tried to be there for them...even if that meant scaring the living daylights out of them at all possible times.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mom and Dad

I have decided that my next blogs are going to be a commentary on my family, starting with my parents. I have to tell you that I love these people. They have been my supporters for years on end, putting up with everything that I have ever dished out. Through high and low times, they were there behind me, doing whatever they could to keep my head above water. They are amazing. So without any further ado.....
(I first image of supermom didn't I replaced it.)

My mom has been there for everything major in my life. She was the person that I confided when I had a problem in my life. She was my savior on many occasions, giving advice on everything from my school crushes to help in college. Mom is the ultimate example of never ending love. No matter what we did, and believe me we did a lot to get whooped for, she stood by us. Sometimes she stood by us with a promise that we would get it when dad got home, but she was always there to pick us up after the "punishments". With mom, you always understood why something happened the way it did. She taught us how to be ourselves, and for that I will ever be grateful. I love my mom!

Dad was everything you could have asked for in a father. If you needed something fixed, he fixed it. If you needed a laugh, he gave it. If you wanted a friend, he was that friend. If you needed a whooping, he had two knees. He encouraged me to do my best in everything that I attempted. He taught me that if you have to work, work hard. If you have to play, play hard. Like mom, he supported me in everything I ever did, even when he didn't understand why I wanted to do such an activity. He is everything I want to be as a father myself one day, my true inspiration. I love my dad!

I meant for these entries to be funny, but I just couldn't do it. My parents mean so much to me and it is high time that I let everyone know that. Besides my wife, there is no one that I enjoy being around offense meant. Mom, Dad, I love you both!

Enjoy the posts on family....the sisters are up next! (Evil Laugh)

Sunday, July 6, 2008


The Copes were in Holbrook for the fourth of July and we had a blast. They rolled in on Thursday night and we yapped it up. I love talking to them as they give mostly intelligent responses! NO, we all know that I'm the one who has a hard time keeping up.
On Friday we hit the firemans barbeque, which as always was excellent. The afternoon was spent with playing "Rock Band" and getting ready for the fireworks, which are still the best in the state! Saturday Gene kicked my hind end in raquetball with Josh and James. We had a great time hanging with the ladies and even helping with invitations.
Unfortunately the Copes had to go back home and we won't see them for another couple weeks.

Friday, July 4, 2008

My Country

There have been many things in my life that I have valued, but none greater than my country. This wonderful land is truly a land of promise. We have rolling hills, steep mountains, low deserts, magnificent forests, and so much more. Our states are a source of pride, only to be superceeded by the freedom of our constitution. In short, there is no place better.

I love this country, the freedom it provides, and the ideals that we started it out with. In short, I couldn't be prouder to be American.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Nectar of the Gods

It is a well known fact that after the apple, Adam and Eve had to leave the garden and work by the sweat of their brow. What is not as well known is that God still loved them and sent them help in the form of The Nectar of the Gods.

This little known fact has been hidden from us and the name changed throughout the years. In fact, it wasn't until the Greeks got a hold of the recipe that the drink became known as A&W Rootbeer. It makes perfect sense, doesn't it. The "A" stands for Ambrosia, the Olympians favored vegetation. The "W" stands for water, the most common of all drinks. Put the two together and you have water infused with Ambrosia, which we all know is the drink of the gods.

Of course, there have been false priests that have come across and tried to sway the people away from this drink. Other rootbeers were formed, but none quite compared to the holiest of nectars, A&W. So yes, I will blog for rootbeer. Who am I to mess with the Nectar of the Gods.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Aerosmith, Nirvana, ZZ Top...all had their time! Now reigns the House of Ferguson. On Monday Amy and I got Rock Band for the Wii. Singing, drumming, guitars...what a blast. Amy has been rocking the drums and, much to the distraction of my former Swing Thing Members, I have been loving the microphone. We can't wait to get the second guitar and thus began a musical extravaganza with friends and family.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Waiting to Rock

Here I sit
waiting for a man
he's gotta be coming
with my new rock band

I don't dare to leave
in case I miss him
and minute by minute
my patience grows slim

so I made up this blog
in order to help time pass
on my comfortable couch
where I have a print of my ...rear!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

"Bear"lls of Fun!

The following scenes were captured at risk of life and limb. Your humble elfman skillfully scaled a outcropping of rock overlooking the Polar Bear exhibit at the Albuquerque zoo in order to bring you these wonderful images. This demanding form of dedication has only been seen, dare I say, on one other project...Planet Earth. Please to enjoy!

Subject 1..."The Watcher" is up top. This Bear was cool, but not as awesome as subject 2..."Beary Showoff", who's head you can see underneath the barrel. Why is it underneath the barrell....beacause Bear 2 THREW IT...yeah..way cool!

After tossing his toy, "Beary Showoff" would dive into the water below,where the barrell had landed, and begin the process of dragging it back up his rocky stage.

During one stage of the lift, seen here, "The Watcher" bear decided to get involved and was reprimanded for this rash decision.

Luckily no bears were harmed in the shooting of this film.

*Disclaimer* These photos were actually taken by Angela Speedie, my sister-in-law. She stole my photos which depicted "Beary Showoff" Holding the barrell above his/her head and many other amazing shots. I know, it is going to be hard to forgive her for this tragic mistake...but if we are beary dedicated in the effort I'm sure we can find a way to let her back into our hearts. (LOVE YOU ANGELA)

My wonderful wife, Amy, found the pictures when she woke up. I would like to publicly apologize to Angela. Technically I could have just erased the above entry...but it was so much work to type!