Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Why a Spoon Cousin?"

Nough said for all those who have watched Prince of Thieves.

We got to attend my niece's birthday party. One of my favorite parts is getting to climb the pinata tree. Monkey by nature, I guess.

Another favorite part of these parties is spending time with good friends. This would be Kim and I. We went to school together, danced together in Swing Thing, and now teach together. She is as loyal a friend as they come.

We have a lot of cute pictures of the nieces and nephews. I don't dare post them without permission, but let me know if you would like emailed copies.


Mondryn said...

Your title and first pic confused me for a while... I did finally manage to get it, though. Unfortunately, the quote is "I'm gonna cut your heart out with a spoon!" Heart, not head. Sorry.... :P

Kimmy said...

I love that picture of us it's great. Thanks Amy! :)

Also, thanks for your comment... it was pure sweet. *HUG*

hairball said...

wow you can even climb a tree with flipflops on!!