Sunday, July 6, 2008


The Copes were in Holbrook for the fourth of July and we had a blast. They rolled in on Thursday night and we yapped it up. I love talking to them as they give mostly intelligent responses! NO, we all know that I'm the one who has a hard time keeping up.
On Friday we hit the firemans barbeque, which as always was excellent. The afternoon was spent with playing "Rock Band" and getting ready for the fireworks, which are still the best in the state! Saturday Gene kicked my hind end in raquetball with Josh and James. We had a great time hanging with the ladies and even helping with invitations.
Unfortunately the Copes had to go back home and we won't see them for another couple weeks.


Kimmy said...

your playlist just keeps getting better.... I usually hate blog music... but yours is rockin'.

Nicole and Gene Cope said...

It was great to finally see your house, and you are right, the fireworks are the best that I have seen since I was a kid. Great food and great times with the Fergusons, I am glad to be related to such cool people.