Thursday, July 8, 2010


So much to blog about, but I have to keep my mouth shut. I actually started writing in my journal again so that I could at least get it out. It works out pretty well, as I only have one page filled out...from 3 years ago. I am a journal slacker. I really want to fill it out, but I only write at nights and A can tell you that after 8:00 I am useless.

Anywho....I'm a little ticked off right now, not as much as last night, but still a little.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Big Trouble, Little Town

ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH! The messenger is always the one who gets shot...what the heck! In my mind, it should be the person who is playing in the fire who should get burned, not the one who warns others that the house of cards may be catching flame. Ah well....what can you do?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

School Widower No More

I just had to say how much I appreciate the work and dedication that my wife has, not only for herself but for us. Amy has gone back to school for about two years now, while she continues to work. She maintains a 4.0 GPA and keeps up with her work making herself more and more needed for the people out at the Attourneys Office. She continues to work out on the treadmill, doing situps, and pretty much rocking with her new diet...something that I've never been able to keep up with. And she treats me like a prince, even though I don't give her a lot of reasons to.

Last night at Eclipse, she left the movie for a little bit and came back with the candied almonds that I love so much. I was pleasently suprised. She thinks of little things that will make me happy, and does them without hesitation.

So, wife of mine, I love you! You are perfectly awesome, rocking out everything you do. I am deffinately the reacher!!!

So, Amy has been working on her research paper for the past three days....straight. I've felt a little bit like a widower, as she has usually disappeared into the office during this time. It is lonely, but worth it as she can now relax up until the next semester, and with perfect timing. We have the sisters coming down, somewhere in the Dakotas right now, and we are going to meet them later this week. It should be fun as Amy is really close to her sisters and always has a great time, althought I don't think I'll get a word in the conversations for the next week or so.
Sometimes, when you are surrounded by 5 women, you just have to keep your mouth shut....and listen for plots to destroy your control! ;)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

DC Finale

Ahhh the whitehouse, a building with history
Like the time the Canadians burnt it to the ground
So whitehouse number three is what we built here
where bearded tourists can be found

And here we see the bearded man
crossing another spot in history
The Potomac river has been crossed by men I respect
Such as George Washington and Robert E. Lee

Next comes the Vietnam War Memorial
It entombs the names of many brave men
The sacrafice the gave was great
Something that should be respected, both now and then

And last of all, to end the record of our trip
Came the Arlington Cemetary, with graves of white
If you have a chance, visit the tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Take a deep breath, treasure, and remember this site

Thursday, July 1, 2010

DC Day 3/4

This was one of my favorite days in D.C. We took a bus tour that went to all of the major monuments, and had a blast. Included are my two favorite monuments/museums. Abraham Lincoln is iconic! One of the grandest things I have seen in my life as his monument is one of the most well known and loved. The Holocaust Museum literally shook me to the core. The things that you see inside would bring any one to tears. It was amazing!

Other than that, you have the Jefferson Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, and the Killer Bunnies taking on the Senate.