Tuesday, July 6, 2010

School Widower No More

I just had to say how much I appreciate the work and dedication that my wife has, not only for herself but for us. Amy has gone back to school for about two years now, while she continues to work. She maintains a 4.0 GPA and keeps up with her work making herself more and more needed for the people out at the Attourneys Office. She continues to work out on the treadmill, doing situps, and pretty much rocking with her new diet...something that I've never been able to keep up with. And she treats me like a prince, even though I don't give her a lot of reasons to.

Last night at Eclipse, she left the movie for a little bit and came back with the candied almonds that I love so much. I was pleasently suprised. She thinks of little things that will make me happy, and does them without hesitation.

So, wife of mine, I love you! You are perfectly awesome, rocking out everything you do. I am deffinately the reacher!!!

So, Amy has been working on her research paper for the past three days....straight. I've felt a little bit like a widower, as she has usually disappeared into the office during this time. It is lonely, but worth it as she can now relax up until the next semester, and with perfect timing. We have the sisters coming down, somewhere in the Dakotas right now, and we are going to meet them later this week. It should be fun as Amy is really close to her sisters and always has a great time, althought I don't think I'll get a word in the conversations for the next week or so.
Sometimes, when you are surrounded by 5 women, you just have to keep your mouth shut....and listen for plots to destroy your control! ;)

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Angela said...

so ture best to keep quiet.