Saturday, June 21, 2008

"Bear"lls of Fun!

The following scenes were captured at risk of life and limb. Your humble elfman skillfully scaled a outcropping of rock overlooking the Polar Bear exhibit at the Albuquerque zoo in order to bring you these wonderful images. This demanding form of dedication has only been seen, dare I say, on one other project...Planet Earth. Please to enjoy!

Subject 1..."The Watcher" is up top. This Bear was cool, but not as awesome as subject 2..."Beary Showoff", who's head you can see underneath the barrel. Why is it underneath the barrell....beacause Bear 2 THREW IT...yeah..way cool!

After tossing his toy, "Beary Showoff" would dive into the water below,where the barrell had landed, and begin the process of dragging it back up his rocky stage.

During one stage of the lift, seen here, "The Watcher" bear decided to get involved and was reprimanded for this rash decision.

Luckily no bears were harmed in the shooting of this film.

*Disclaimer* These photos were actually taken by Angela Speedie, my sister-in-law. She stole my photos which depicted "Beary Showoff" Holding the barrell above his/her head and many other amazing shots. I know, it is going to be hard to forgive her for this tragic mistake...but if we are beary dedicated in the effort I'm sure we can find a way to let her back into our hearts. (LOVE YOU ANGELA)

My wonderful wife, Amy, found the pictures when she woke up. I would like to publicly apologize to Angela. Technically I could have just erased the above entry...but it was so much work to type!


Anonymous said...

lol! you're such a goof ball!

Kimmy said...

Cool pictures. Love the commentary. ;)

Angela said...

You are a nut. A very nutty nut.

Kathleen said...

You're a very silly beaver sis, LOL