Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wind, Fences, and Anger

Anyone who knows me knows that it takes a lot for me to reach a breaking point...unless of course I'm in school. I'm just not one of those people who gets irritated easily, or at least I don't enjoy showing how irritated I am with things. So when I go on this little rant, those who know me can assume that I have been through a huge pile of "STUFF" to arrive where I am.

What kind of company doesn't insure a fence against wind. Seriously! How is it that a fence business can advertise their product, but not back it up. Examples!

"X Cola is the best drink in the world, if you want to throw up!"
"X Credit; now with new low rates of 49.00%APR!"
"X Inn; The Bedbugs WILL bite"
"X Allergic Meds; now curing exotic animal allergins...good luck with household pets."
"X Fencing; Our fences blow as hard as the wind!"

I am sick and tired of coming home and watching my fence get torn apart by the wind. Now granted, we have had some pretty bad wind in the past couple weeks...but for the fence to be blown apart is ridiculous. I had a gate bend off of the hinges, a post snap in two, and three sections of panels lying on the ground. So, as a houseowner, I decide to go out and put them back up. I spent almost 8 hours putting that fence back up. I spaced out the panels so that the wind would blow through, instead of a direct hit on the fencing. I buried the fence up to the bottom brace holder with about a foot of dirt...all the way around. And so what happens...I come home and I have panels flying across the yard, posts falling down, and a cry of frustration building inside.

So...what do you do? As long as the wind doesn't blow, the fence will stay up, but that is like asking a dog not to sniff it's own butt. (Sorry for the visual). I'm tired of complaining, so I'm just going to stop. Sorry for the bummer of a message! STUPID FENCE!!! Pioneer Fencing in Snowflake/Taylor Arizona can burn in....

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