Saturday, July 25, 2009

Experiment Failed?

Yesterday, I tried to make Carne Asada. I found a recipe on the internet that promised an authentic marinade, and thought, "Wow! Lime, Lemon, and Orange Juices...this has to be good."I marinaded the skirt steak, grilled it up, and we put it into a cheese quesadilla. So, the idea was to have Carne Asada Quesadilla...Well, the juice was overwhelming. It tasted like somebody had found a way to breed, butcher, and sell Lime Cows...

Today, I am attempting to rectify the mistake. I just got done making steak and eggs with chili peppers diced and scrambled all together. When the meat is with other food, it doesn't taste so limey...but I tell you, it was a citrus explosion earlier.

I'll post a picture of the steak/eggs/chili later on!

(When using citrus in a marinade...add something to sweeten the flavor...we thought pineapple or apple juice might have helped...maybe some sugar.)

2nd Thought: The steak and eggs was really good. The chilis were grown from grandpa's garden and had a great flavor and heat. The best part, however, was the addition of garlic powder. It added an extra layer of flavor that I think should have been connected to the steak in the first place.

My second thought came to me as I was sitting watching television. Rather than sugar, I think adding honey to the marinade would really tie things in well. I'll have to try that on my next attempt.

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Tom, April and Kaitee said...

Something that I'd seen done was to cut the citrus with a little bit of coconut milk and red chili. It leaves the citrus bite, but blends it into something a little milder.