Sunday, June 20, 2010

Washington D.C. (DAY 1)

To begin our trip, we went down to a market with open air
the ladies shopped at all sorts of stops, spending money like they didn't care
and along I wandered, with my stomach grumbling, wanting to get off my feet
So we killed the two birds and sat down for a quick bite to eat......

The place was called seventh, and our taste buds they new how to rock
If they were in the market, my life savings I'd put in their stock
Their pizza was tasty, their sandwiches great, we ate until we were stuffed
and went back to the market, with happy full bellies, taking pictures as away we huffed........

After the market, we went to the subway, looking for a ride to the zoo
The station was pretty, and looked scientific, like something from Doctor Who
We boarded our train and went on our way, for animals we wanted to see
but when we arrived, the animals were gone, as if someone had set them free......

So with our feet bleeding, from all of the walking, we made our way back to the train
And though we tried, with all of our might, from cursing the zoo we couldn't refrain
Our spirits were down, our smiles were frowns, so we went to feed our face
Tony Chengs was the name, and food were the game, I must admit I'd recommend this place

We left the restaraunt, and headed on back, to the place where we laid our heads
After a full day of walking, and great picture taking, all I could think about were my hotel's beds
We watched some tv, and closed our eyes, knowing tomorrow would be the same
A full day of fun, photography and sun, we had to sleep before restarting the game....

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