Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Vacation

I tried to blog the twelve days of Christmas
and couldn't finish the post
I guess that song just can't be finished
as it is longer than most

I taught some attourneys how to use a Smart Board
for the most part they did well
although spending three hours with me
could have been their personal hell

Amy and I had two amazing Christmas dinners
with the parents, Linda, Zach, Elizabeth, and Bill
after having that much food the question must be asked
who will need a stomach pump, I know that I will

I didn't step into the classroom
trying to avoid all of my work
I'm sure that I'll be really stressed out
when an avalanche of stuff results from my shirk

Amy and I went down to the valley
to spend New Years with Pat and the Copes
We had a great time playing games and talking
such a wonderful way to begin a new year with new hopes

So now is the time to get back to work
no more time for vacation, but that is alright
cause in this new year we have a chance to complete
any set goal with all of our might

Happy New Year!

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