Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stupid Kids!

It is almost 2:00 in the morning and I am sitting on the couch, sucking on a cough drop. Once again, I'm sick as a dog and have shared it with Amy. Who do you have to blame...the stupid kids! Being a teacher is tough. When things go around, you have a higher probability of catching them. Example, most people talk to others from a comfortable 2-3 feet away. Kids don't respect that boundry. As soon as they come in they are right up in your face. I'm the meanest teacher in Hulet, and they still come up and give me hugs or want to tell me stories. Then they give you their stuff...germs everywhere. I feel like I'm constantly in a battle for the very existence of my immune system.

I know it isn't the kids fault, but it is fun to blame it on them. We just put up the science fair and I have been going through a lot of stress as Kim and I are the two people in charge of everything. I've been trying to postpone this cold so that I could get everything up and running. On Wednesday, the science fair went up. On Thursday, the cold got a little worse, on Friday, a lot worse. I am, sucking on a lasange as I try to get my coughing to stop. Amy is asleep in the bedroom, so that she can get some sleep as I'm coughing up my spleen. Hopefully, my last fit of coughing didn't wake her, and I can go back to sleep. I have to cover for the library ladies in church today and don't want to go in sick.

Blog at you all later!

(TAKEN is a great movie!)

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Anonymous said...

Sorry your sick Eldon that really sucks, but living with 11 people that germ sharing is even better. And your right Taken was fantastic!