Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Letting the Curls have their way with me!

I know, I know...bad pun, but who doesn't wan to let the curls have their with with him. As many of my friends know, I have a curly headed mop. Most of the time, I get it cut when the time comes. It is just one huge mess, but my barber was out of town, and the end of the year is coming, so I said what the heck, and let it grow. Amy thinks it is highly amusing and made me stand still for a picture. Then I got the idea for the blog title, and had to share.

I think curly hair is just one of those things in life. A blessing and a curse. It seems that people with straight hair want curly hair, and people with curly hair want straight hair. I am really happy with my hair. Mostly, because I am going bald, and my hair can curl whichever way I want it to. I don't have to do a comb over, I just have to run my fingers through and I have instant camoflauge. Hopefully it stays that way, but we will all see how it goes as the years progress.

Love the hair your in!

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Slade Family said...

The first picture you posted makes me feel like you are watching me...and now I'm wondering if you really can see me through your computer because only you would have that ability! =)