Thursday, July 23, 2009

BLT Without the "T"

As Joe would say, tomatos are red cubes of death. Amy doesn't care for them either, so for lunch yesterday I decided to put together a Bacon, Lettuce....something... on either an English muffin or bagel. As the idea progressed, I added a little flair for myself, as Amy went out to eat with a friend from work. She did get some of the left over bacon, which made her happy...and in turn myself happy. So, without further ado, my idea for "BLT Without the 'T'".

Tip Before You Start!!! Bacon: Everybody has a different way of doing this. Some like it crispy, some like it flexible. Amy likes hers crispy and I like mine flexible, so I try to get it in between. My trick is to cook it on one side, until it begins turning translucent...spelling? I then flip each slice over until bubbles begin frying on the side that I can see. I flip it over once more, and do the same, careful not to let it burn, because at this point it can go that way pretty easily. I find the bubble test to be easy to pull off, and it usually gives me my bacon just the way we like it.

1. So, fry X amount of bacon. After bacon is fried, place on a paper towel (placed over a plate). This allows the grease to be soaked up.

2. Dump in ringlets/half ringlets of onions. Do not drain the grease, as it will help the onions take on flavor and cook. Fry until onions are translucent and begin to go limp. For those of you who like stiffer onions, fry until you like them. Drain in the same way you did with the bacon...heck, use the same paper towel.

Now, I tasted my onions and decided that they were a little bland. Good, but bland. I sprinkled some salt over them, and I believe that it kicked up the taste by quite a bit. The onions were excellent! The best thing is that my choice of salt can be changed. At this point you can sprinkle any spice over the onions, and get a variety of tremendous flavors.

3. Cut lettuce, toast bagel/muffin/bread, apply chosen condiments to bread. (I used mustard and a slice of cheese)

4. Build sandwich and enjoy!

Pros to Dish---- The toppings were stupendous. I love what I did with the onions, and bacon is always good. Together they sang symphonies!

The Romaine Lettuce was a good choice as well, not as watery as iceberg.

Cook time, for my first time making it, was less than 20 minutes!!!

One bagel makes two sandwiches, folded in half.

Cons to Dish----The cheese over powered everything! I think I would do without next time.

The bagel was really thick and I don't think there was a good bread to toppings proportion.

If it sounds good, Enjoy!


Mondryn said...

Well, certainly the best part of your BLT was the absence of the T. By the way, tomatoes are round, not square. ;) The term is "crimson orbs of corruption".

As for the cheese, what kind did you use? I've found that yellow cheeses tend to have a stronger flavor than white cheeses (especially cheddar). Well, except for an unmelted Swiss cheese. Or pepper jack. Hmm... maybe I don't know what I'm talking about after all...

Mr. ELF said...

It wasn't even really cheese. We had one of the left over Kraft Cheeses that I used, and it was way too much. It was cheddar, however and that is a great point!

I actually think a pepper jack would have been a nice touch...something to think about!