Monday, December 14, 2009

Frustration Reigns Supreme

As you may know, I am a die hard Arizona Cardinals fan. I have watched the Cardinals since finding out Arizona had a time when I was 11 or 12 years old. I have watched the Cardinals now for 18 years, and it has been a roller coaster of a ride. Last year, they made it to the Super Bowl. I felt like after years of frustration, I was finally able to boast about my team. It was a high point in my sports watching career.

Now, the roller coaster is on its way back down and I feel like throwing a cat through the television. Tim Hightower, a running back, fumbled for the fifth time this year in the first half of the football game. You are a running back. People are going to be pulling and smacking, and hitting the ball out of your hands. It is your job to hold onto do it!

They took Hightower out and put in Stephens-Howling. He fumbled on his first touch of the football. Once again, you are a freakin' running back. It is your job to hold onto the ball. Were you expecting to be playing against fifth graders? No, hold onto the stupid ball.

So Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinal receiver demi-god, goes up into the air and pulls down a tremendous catch. The first good thing that happens in the game, and the refs call it off. I'm sorry, there were three guys around him and he held onto the dang thing. He jumped and fell to the ground, holding onto it all the way down and as he slid on the ground. He was then stripped, but his knee, butt, back, and elbows were already down. How can you call off the catch?

No, our quarterback threw an interception, his first in five games, and we are down 10 to nothing.

We are only in the second quarter and we have most of that to play. We are playing the hapless 49ers, a team that I respect from my childhood of watching Steve Young and Jerry Rice, but I really want to win. frustration is gone, I am going to eat the pancakes my wonderful wife made me and try not to throw Abby or Ariel at the television. Wish me luck!

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