Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lying on the Couch

Don't get me wrong, cause I'm no slouch
but I love to lie here on the couch
I sit and fix my rosters for football fantasy
and ignore the urgent need to pee
for I know that when I arise
my body will no longer believe my lies
of staying here on my couch
and acting like a great big slouch

Alas, the day must start and I must too
for who else will teach in that zoo
I know that I must get up to shower
but every second it is growing harder
cause lying here shares so many joys
I can watch tv or play with toys
and though the clock continues to run
I can't get up, for I'm having so much fun

So now, I post and put the computer up
whine a lot, like a new born pup
get undressed, we're risque
jump in the shower, no more time to play
kiss the wife and head off to school
start the day, try not to be a fool
and dream of a time when I was acting like a slouch
enjoying my morning, lying on the couch

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