Friday, March 6, 2009


Yesterday at school, I had one of my students come in. He asked, "Mr. Ferguson, do you have a 10 by 10 box?" I looked at him and replied negatively, but told him that I would look for him. No joke, he stated, "Oh, I was going to put myself in it and mail myself to Asia."

I began to ask him questions. It turns out that his brother, who was in my class last year, is doing a report on Washington D.C. and needs pictures. I explained that Washington D.C. was the capital of our country, and that he wouldn't have to travel far. Just to make it a teachable moment, I began asking him questions about how he would get there. He first suggested a plane, until I told him that the oxygen levels are good enough and he would probably die. With several more questions, he decided the best way to do it was to mail himself. I asked him what he would do for food, water...he said that his brother had it all taken care of. I asked him what he would do for a restroom, and he said his brother was going to install plumbing...yes, he said plumbing. The conversation ended with us deciding that plumbing wouldn't work, because the post office would realize someone was in there and wouldn't mail it. So this student is rethinking his idea....I hope!

So...I share this story with Mrs. Young at the office, and she said that last week another teacher walked in laughing. The same student had been contorting his face, trying to look out of his nose.

And people don't understand why kids with ADHD can't concentrate....Not a fake disease my friends. They are really just out there.

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Kimmy said...

has to be.
I can just see that kid trying to look through his nose.

His Gpa is a plumber you know...they could probably put plumbing in the box....just a thought.