Thursday, October 7, 2010

Its Just a Piece of Cloth!

Anytime parents are going to be coming to school, I try to wear a tie. It is professional and shows a little more respect for the parents...kind of like a, "I care enough about your child to put a piece of cloth around my neck."

Yesterday was day one of parent teacher conference, so I wore a tie. In the first 20 minutes, I was told that I looked good, great, handsome...multiple times. I looked at my clothes and realized that I had changed nothing from the normal days that I just work. I had on slacks...that I wear everyday. I had on a dress shirt...that I wear everyday. The only difference was that I had a tie on. A TIE! If I had known that I would have gotten more play wearing a tie, I would have worn one more when in High School.

So I guess Barney got it right. If you want to impress, you have to suit up! Today is TIEFEST 2, as we have one more parent teacher conference, and then we go back to "causual" (no tie) wear. We'll see how it goes.

PS I love irony and turn around! Good Luck Jr. Runners!

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