Sunday, October 10, 2010

Time With Dad

After a long hard day, that was kind of bad
I took some time to spend with dad
The tournament went sour and was kind of a "W"itch
so I headed on out to help him fill in a ditch
You see, he has an attitude that cheers you right up
He is fun to be around, like a newborn pup
He inspires you with his jokes and wit
and makes you feel like a number one hit
No matter how bad you mess up his stuff
or how many objects you accidently muff
He smiles and says, "Go play in the street"
Which if he were technologyical, I'm sure he would tweet
because thats the kind of guy he can be
knowing just what to say and do, cheering you and me
I love him to death, and with any luck
I'll get to go and and work with him, in mud and in muck

Thanks Dad!

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